Patient Portal Access

GVPS highly encourages patients to set up a portal through which they can more securely communicate with their behavioral health provider, verify appointments, and enter and update demographic and insurance information. It also allows our providers to send “measures” or questionnaires to their patients a few days prior to follow-up appointments, so the patients can indicate their progress since the last appointments. When provided in a timely manner, this information allows your provider to better prepare for your follow up with him or her.

If you are an existing patient and would like to set-up portal access, please complete the form below. You will be provided a four-digit validation code within one business day. Please make sure to use the validation code within 24 hours of you having received the code by logging in to the Patient Portal.

Please note that every member of your family that is a patient of Dr Vigilar will need their own Patient Portal account, therefore they will each need a unique email address.

Once you have set-up portal access, you will find two questionnaires in the portal – a SYMPTOM SCREENER and CLINICAL HISTORY FORM. Please make sure to accomplish these through the portal prior to your first appointment.

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